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Core Kites - Core GT Model

Core GT Kitesurf Kite
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Core GT Kite Product Information

The Core GT is the ultimate high performance all-rounder kite.

ALL IN ONE - The appeal of the new Delta-kite from CORE lies in it's amazing balance and performance, achieved by morphing the best features of a 'C' and a Bow into a Delta shape.

The GT combines the amazing vertical and low end power of the Riot with the agility and high end of the original Combat Wave, to offer explosive power with a very direct bar feel, and to take your kitesurfing to the next level

Together with the revolutionary Auto-Relaunch and the Core Fast-Pump-System the GT has a pressure-less safety system similar to that of a 5th line system, but using only 4 lines.

CORE products have manufacturing and quality standards that are unique in the kite industry so as to produce a superior quality product that will last and last and last.

The Core GT kite full range prices:

GT 5.0m 22-40 knots 6-8 Beaufort 40-74 k.p.h
GT 7.0m 16-31 knots 5-7 Beaufort 30-57 k.p.h
GT 9.0m 11-27 knots 4-6 Beaufort 20-50 k.p.h
GT 10.5m 10-24 knots 3-6 Beaufort 19-44 k.p.h
GT 12.0m 09-22 knots 3-5 Beaufort 17-41 k.p.h
GT 13.5m 08-20 knots 3-5 Beaufort 15-37 k.p.h
GT 15.0m 07-18 knots 2-4 Beaufort 13-33 k.p.h

The Core GT kite sizes / wind-ranges:   

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