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Core Kites - Core GTS Model

Core GTS Kitesurf Kite

Core GTS Kite Product Information

The latest development of CORE is the GTS. It has all the strengths of an all-in-one kite, now with a few refinements by the CORE design team. The result? The proven Delta design with radical C-kite characteristics for kiteloops, unhooked tricks and that direct bar feeling.

With a more pronounced C-Shape the GTS achieves more precise steering. The GTS is focussed at the more aggressive rider with its lightening fast turning speeds and unhooked capabilities. Waveriders will love the ability to steer the depowered kite perfectly. With the amazing new direct bar feeling and explosive delivery of power the GTS achieves enormous lift potential for the highest jumps in the mid to high wind ranges.

Take your riding to the next level, get a GTS today. CORE lives by the values: performance, safety, quality and service.

Check out this video for the full story on the Core GTS:


The Core GTS kite full range prices:

GT 5.0m 27-45 knots 6.5-9 Beaufort 50-83 k.p.h
GT 6.0m 25-42 knots 6-8.5 Beaufort 46-78 k.p.h
GT 7.0m 21-39 knots 5.5-8 Beaufort 39-72 k.p.h
GT 8.0m 17-36 knots 5-8 Beaufort 31-67 k.p.h
GT 9.0m 15-33 knots 4.5-7.5 Beaufort 28-61 k.p.h
GT 10.0m 13-30 knots 4-7 Beaufort 24-56 k.p.h
GT 11.0m 12-28 knots 4-6.5 Beaufort 22-52 k.p.h
GT 12.0m 11-26 knots 3.5-6.5 Beaufort 20-48 k.p.h
GT 13.5m 10-24 knots 3.5-6 Beaufort 19-44 k.p.h
GT 15.0m 09-22 knots 3-5.5 Beaufort 17-41 k.p.h

The Core GTS kite sizes / wind-ranges:   

Core GTS Product Options

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