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Core Kites - Core Riot XR Crossride Model

Core Riot XR Kitesurf Kite

Core Riot XR Crossride Kite Product Information

Freeride has never been so comfortable.

What amazed us when we first used the RIOT XR was the explosive and yet smooth power generation coupled with massive hangtime.

Thanks to the newly developed profile (flatter at the top and rounded tips) the wind range has been noticeably improved. The top end is up to 5 knots more, with a lot more control at both the high and low end limits. With the reduced drag and almost completely eliminated lateral forces the RIOT XR has dramatically improved upwind performance.

In low winds the already good launching ability has been optimised with the new auto relaunch and wider tips. The kite is tunable to your preferences, with 3-way adjustable bar pressure, and 3-way adjustable turning speed. The kite has noticeably improved bar feedback for the rider, especially when depowered - this makes wave riding an absolute joy.

Crossride – this sums up the Riot XR – freeriding, cruising, carving, wave-riding and monster hangtime.

The Core Riot XR Crossride full range prices:

XR Riot 5.0m 24-45 knots 6-9 Beaufort 44-83 k.p.h
XR Riot 6.0m 20-40 knots 5-8 Beaufort 37-74 k.p.h
XR Riot 7.0m 16-35 knots 4-8 Beaufort 29-65 k.p.h
XR Riot 8.0m 14-33 knots 4-7 Beaufort 26-61 k.p.h
XR Riot 9.0m 12-30 knots 4-7 Beaufort 22-56 k.p.h
XR Riot 10.0m 11-28 knots 3-6 Beaufort 20-51 k.p.h
XR Riot 11.0m 10-26 knots 3-6 Beaufort 19-48 k.p.h
XR Riot 12.0m 09-24 knots 3-6 Beaufort 17-44 k.p.h
XR Riot 13.5m 08-22 knots 3-5 Beaufort 15-41 k.p.h
XR Riot 15.0m 07-20 knots 2-5 Beaufort 13-37 k.p.h

The Core Riot XR Crossride kite sizes / wind-ranges:  

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