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Crazyfky Kites - MooWii Kite

Crazyfly MooWii Kitesurf Kite
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Crazyfly MooWii Kite Product Information

The Crazyfly MooWii is an excellent allround kite with good performance at a great price.

It is a three strut, four line Supported Leading Edge (SLE) kite with a flat delta shape. Due to its shape and design the MooWii kite is able to deliver a good allround performance with forgiving reactions. The MooWii is very stable in the air and turns extremely smoothly. With its slower reactions, it is easily controlled and subsequently it is very forgiving to the rider's mistakes.

MooWii generates great power and provides plenty of hang time for learning the first tricks. These are the reasons why the MooWii is the perfect tool for riders looking for progress, and for those looking for a kite with good performance for great price.

In the early stages of kiteboarding relaunching a kite is an everyday job for the rider, but with the MooWii kite relaunching is ridiculously easy. Very low inputs are necessary to get MooWii back in the air - it relaunches almost automatically.  A one-pump system is used for fast inflation and deflation.   With the Crazyfly bar safety system, MooWii provides 100% instant depower when the push-away safety system is triggered.

Due to its performance properties, MooWii is also a great kite for snowkiting. MooWii is all about smooth rides, comfort and safety.

As with all CrazyFly products, the MooWii stands for the highest standards of quality, in both material and manufacture. MooWii is the perfect combination of great value, high quality and performance at an excellent price.

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