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Crazy Fly's Pro Tour Model is the to of the line in the Crazy Fly range twin tips freestyle boards. It has been specifically designed for the more aggressive new school and freestyle rider - and recently rated by Kiteworld magazine as one of the top three boards for . It is constructed from only the highest quality materials - the Pro Tour Model can be be described as perfection.

Crazy Fly has integrated new flexible tips known as "Crazy Flex Tips". This is possible due to the technologies in composite materials allowing for ultra thin tips which as also incredible strong. The Crazy Flex Tips give the board an extremely comfortable riding characteristic, but at the same time makes it extremely responsive. They allow for the rider to produce increased pop and the landings have been softened out as well. This board will take you freestyle riding to a new level.

Pro Tour Model is produced with. Layers of carbon combined with finest selection CNC shaped wood core and 3D ABS rails to create a very strong, ultra light and extremely poppy board. Because of its construction, Pro Tour Model is not suitable for all riders. It is aimed at experts and Pros who are looking for a stiff board with explosive pop and wide stance for stable landings.

This year we have developed brand new Pro Comp Pads and Straps for maximum lock in. Narrow footpad shape and wide footstrap shape create a feeling of riding in wakeboard boots bindings. The Pro Comp pads and straps are very suitable for freestyle and wakestyle. This binding system is mounted with four screws on each foot to really connect the rider with the board. The Pro Comp Strap has two velcros for maximum tightening and the Pro Comp Pad has a contour heel shape for maximum lock in. Your feet will not move an inch. This system is using the Quick Fix system II for mounting it to the board. Pro Comp Pads and Straps are only available with Pro Tour Model. Standard pads and Quick Fix II straps are also compatible.

Pro Tour Model comes complete with Pro Comp Pads and Straps, Quick Fix II mounting system and G10 fins.

What CrazyFly team rider Boris Judin has got to say about his board:

"When I first rode the PRO TOUR MODEL I realized that with this board I do not feel the choppy water, and there is no spray or anything like that. The board is just so comfortable to ride! The second thing I noticed was when I started doing my tricks: I had an amazing amount of pop and was still able to have comfortable landings. Don't let the stiffness of the board fool you because when you ride this board it does not feel that stiff! So, you have to test the board and not just see it on the beach to tell how it really feels like. This is a high performance freestyle board, but the board is not for just freestyle anyone can ride it! If you have a chance to test CrazyFly boards do it, and you will se what I'm talking about. This is the board I choose to ride on the PKRA Tour."


CrazyFly Kiteboards - Pro Tour Model

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