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Crazyfky Kites - Sculp Kite

Crazyfly Sculp Kitesurf Kite
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Crazyfly Sculp Kite Product Information

The Crazyfly Sculp has been designed as a high performance kite suitable for a wide range of kitesurfing abilities, from intermediate riders upwards.

It delivers the performance riders expect from a high performance kite. Due to its shape and design, the Sculp can really be used for a wide range of riding styles, delivering great performance for freeride, freestyle, racing and wave riding.

The profile and light weight of the Sculp, coupled with the bridle and line setup enable extremely quick turning responsiveness. The special speed profile of the struts, and the low profile wingtips give the kite a lower air resistance and enable the kite kite to fly faster.

The kite provides heaps of power for jumping, and fast, powered kiteloops, has insane hangtime, and is tuned for excellent unhooked performance.

Kite relaunch is fast and straightforward, just pull on one line and the Sculp pops right back into the air - simple and effective. Depower is available over a wide range, and the kite still steers well when fully depowered.

Bar pressure is light and comfortable, but still retaining sufficient 'feel'. The kite has three attachment points for the back lines, enabling the rider to tune the kite's turning speed and bar pressure.

The Crazyfly Sculp employs a push-away safety system, using the highest quality materials, resulting in an extremely reliable and durable system. A one-pump system is used for fast inflation and deflation.

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