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Crazyfky Kites - Slash Kite

Crazyfly Slash Kitesurf Kite
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Crazyfly Slash Kite Product Information

The Crazyfly Slash is a 5 line, 5 strut C- shaped kite designed to deliver serious pro-competition freestyle performance.

Even with this high performance, the Slash still has very easy relaunch capability, despite the absence of a bridle, and still offers high depower giving the kite a great windrange. This enables the kite to be enjoyed by intermediate riders as well as experts and pros.

Slash is not a pure old fashioned C kite, although it has all the advantages of one, while still being a bit of an allrounder too. Even though there is a huge power potential that comes with Slash, it is up to the rider to decide how much power to unleash. With a five line system and no bridle, Slash has instant control and is extremely reactive. Slash has insane pop, steady pull and is perfect for huge kiteloops. For those riders looking for loads of grunt for un-hooked wakestyle and freestyle tricks, Slash is definitely the right choice.

The rider can choose between two basic set ups, freestyle or wakestyle. Freestyle set up allows higher depower, but cuts a bit of power at the high end. Wakestyle set up maximises the power available, but reduces tje available depower, compared to the freestyle setup.

Slash does not have a one pump system - this enables the ridger to get highest possible pressure into all struts and leading edge. Having more pressure in every single part of the kite makes it much stronger to absorb the energy of crashing on the water.

Slash is all about the C kite feeling, control of power and top freestyle performance. As with all CrazyFly products, Slash stands for the highest standards of quality, whether it is materials, manufacture, finish quality or design.

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