Kite-n-surf run several different types of kitesurfing courses, each designed to suit your needs and pocket. We only use the latest (2012) Core kites, our instructors are all vastly experienced and IKO certified, and we have instructors available who are native speakers of English or German. 

You can explore all the course variations available using the links in the panel opposite, but our most popular course, the Five Hour Beginner Pack is outlined below.

Kite-n-Surf, Passionate about Kitesurfing, Surfing and Standup Paddle Surfing in Mui Ne, Vietnam


We also offer lessons in surfing and stand-up paddle surfing (SUP) in Vietnam. Rob, our head instructor has over 25 years experience in the game, having surfed the world's greatest breaks in Australia, Indonesia and Peru.  For more information on learning to surf in Mui Ne click here.


Course Duration: 5 Hours instruction, conducted over 2/3 days, dependent on wind conditions and student energy!

Cost: $295 USD

Includes: All equipment (helmet, buoyancy aid, harness, kite and board), sunscreen, water.

Course Notes: Different students progress at different speeds, and your instructor will continually assess you, so you may find that you'll progress more quickly or more slowly than the steps outlined below.  The course will be paced to suit your progress.

Course Hourly Breakdown Summary:

Period Summary  
Day 1,
Hour 1
Understanding beach, wind. Kite set up and terminology, Emergency and self-rescue procedures More Details
Day 1,
Hours 2 & 3
Kite control & body dragging - the cornerstone to leaning kitesurfing More Details
Day 2,
Hour 4
Body dragging with the board, and board recovery More Details
Day 2,
Hours 5 & 6
The water start - board riding More Details


Don't feel that you HAVE to read these notes - all will be covered in the course with your kitesurf instructor! But if you want to get a real feel for our attention to detail, then read on...

Understanding The Beach And The Wind. Kite Set Up & Terminology, Emergency & Self -Rescue Procedures

This is one the most important parts of kite surfing. It will teach you how to become an independent and safe kiter. By learning these producures you will be able to deal with unexpected problems and changes of conditions. This part of the course is conducted on the land.

In the first hour you go over wind effects, equipment terminology, and location selection criteria. Then it's on to equipment setup, basic aerodynamics, wind window theory, safety system use and reset. You will practice two on land self rescues, to get you ready to be a independent kitesurfer.

What you will learn:

  • Reading local beach and weather conditions
  • Understanding the wind window
  • Setting up a 2012 Core Kite and understand equipment terminology
  • Understanding all safety releases.
  • Emergency Self-Rescue (on land)


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Kite Control & Body-dragging - The cornerstone to learning kitesurfing.

The next step picks up where the first lesson finished and gets you straight in the water. It starts with body drag techniques such as upwind and downwind body dragging (this is the skill to teach you to retrieve the board after a crash without a board leash). We incorporate one hand control at this point, releasing the bar in the water then retrieving the bar and re-launching from the water. We include a practical self rescue emergency scenario.

This part of the course is all about becoming stable with a fully sized power kite. Bodydragging is the ability to go up wind or against the wind. KNS instructors are very hand-ons in this part of the course because we want you to learn the fast and safest way possible. That is why we stay with our students until they can prove they are stable with the kite, change direction smoothly and efficiently, and have shown their instructor you can water re launch your kite unassisted. The amount of time spent in this part of the course varies between students.

What you will learn:

  • Launching & landing procudures
  • Determine the wind direction
  • Wind window/ Introduction of the clock system
  • Power Zone and neutral areas
  • Launching & Landing
  • Safety Awareness
  • Dealing with the shorebreak and other kites
  • "Let go of Bar" reflex action
  • Emergency Self Rescue (practical)


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Body Dragging with the Board & Board Recovery

By mastering the skill of body dragging with the board you will know how to deal with the most difficult of conditions, such as big waves and other avoidable challenging conditions.

What you will learn:

  • How to deal with the kite and board on land
  • How to best handle big waves. shore break
  • Correct body and board position, for efficiently going up wind
  • How to can direction with one hand while holding the board
  • How to recover your board from upwind and down wind positions
  • How to return to beach with your board and land kite


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The Water Start - board riding

This where all your hard work pays off. Now that you can keep your kite stable and off the water, it is time to get up and riding on the board. We are going to work on:

  • Right of way rules
  • Riding in both directions
  • Stance
  • Edging
  • Stopping
  • Accelerating
  • Controlling speed and direction
  • Recover boarding
  • Riding up wind.


Please note: The amount of time spent on each level depends upon the student's abilities. More or less time may be spent according to your Instructors advice based on your skill level. Prices are per person and include all kiteboarding equipment, instructors and assistants. Kite-n-Surf uses only current model 2012 Core kites, allowing you learn in the fastest, safest and most efficient means possible. We have the full range of kite sizes so we can teach anyone. Also included in your course are Lifejackets, helmets, sunscreen and drinking water.

KNS offer you two fixed learning locations: Sunny Beach Hotel is our head kitesurfing office for the dry season. And also the Mui Ne back beach (Bein Ngo) for the wet season

You will issued a IKO certification card and Certificate of accomplishment at the end of the course.


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